I don’t understand Jerusalem

Im just thinkingBy my self


And Charlie Hebdo,

Is not all the same thing?

Humans are here

And humans are there

We all want to hold our love in the hands 


In our world,

Is it not a capital place?


Hong Kong,


And Bruessel,

Why we have to fear each other?

Why the fuck

We are all between,

Problems from so far away …


A children’s place

And you let rain bombs over there

Why the fuck

You don’t write a letter,

And then shoot yourself

Alone in your bed …

Someone will find your letter,

And someone cares,

But the most of them not,

Like your fucking bombs everywhere …


If any god will see that,

All murders are dead in a second

The heaven got shining,

Flashes and bang,

And he send us back,

All the humans that we now missing …

All the mothers on this dreamy world,

They are all on the first position,

To take their child again in the hand, 

Like a little bird that can’t fly … 

And now all what we have,

Is burned earth in the hands …

Mixed with tears, blood and cancelled dreams …

We throw it in the air and let it fly with the wind …

We all wait just till the day,

We got back who we loved so much … In heaven, in paradise and even in hell …

Someone is missing someone 

The door to the heaven

Perhaps Jerusalem …

Stop the bombs now everywhere

Ask a mother what did she think …

Love, love, love

Is now the answer

And not your bloody bloddy ugly dreams,

Dream it, wake up and then take your gun,

Take a pen and write on the wall

‚And so i lived here!‘

And cry …

And then silently,

Shoot yourself

But let the others live where it is. 

One person dead,

Someone cares

The most of them not,

Like your fucking bombs everywhere …



And Bruessel …

Are not places far far away 

A smiling mother with the child in the hand

Walking fearless and show him a flower 

That, is really far far away …

And i thinking loud now

And then i scream,

What an ugly place we live now …


2000 years ago,

There’s a mother with the child in the hand …

And she can take him and show him this world …

And then we killed him like we do today …

Everybody is waiting for him,

But you kill kids even before,

The mother can say

I love you so much … 

This is a letter to any god,

Please look and open your doors …

Give us back who we lost …

Please, take just a little look at this world …

You see the tears, the fear everywhere …

But You are not so big and your sight is bad,

It’s enough if you take just a little look on your capital city …

Just take a look at this place …

Jerusalem …

Stop bombs, stop blood, stop every tear …

That is what i think …

Sounds just like a dream

That the heaven have a door

And we can open it just with one word …

Please let me my dreams 

I don’t want to die for,

I want to live 

Just like everybody else

On this ugly place,

It’s not my fault,

I just borne in 

But one think i want,

Only I want to decide about my end … 

And not you with your fucking bombs next to me

Shoot yourself and die alone …

That is what i am thinking about … 

This bad bad world and no one who screams, just tears and silent everywhere … 

This can not be our dream

On this fucking earth …
Vincenzo Dei Leoni 


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