And now you write again

Like one night, one night, chillin with friends,

Laying on the beach, the suns goes already down.

Fire in the middle, smoking, joints …

Guitar, and watching the sky …

Watching the stars, I have you in my arms.

You looking up and I cant resist,

I kiss your neck, holding you strong.

You are mine, since the first day we watched us,

Now, forever mine …

That was my wish, during the falling stars …

Above us, around us, everything is falling.

Like the stars, falling slowly, falling fast …

The music stops, lets go to the bar …

Everybody want, we not …

Come on, come on, ok, lets go …

One cocktail, chillin at a bar,

On the beach, with my beautiful love

Second drink, you are too far,

I cant touch you, that’s what I want!

You look me, talking with your friend,

You didn’t talk, but she, you are looking straight to me.

You take your phone, she is talking, but you don’t care.

Somebody talks to me, but I don’t care …

I looking only you, with your dark hair,

Your movement, everything you do …

Together for years, and every day I enjoyed.

I know, everyday, I love you,

Like the first day …

My phone rings, sms.

`Lets go, I want you, now!´

I stand up, without saying a word,

Directly to you, and take your hand.

We go to the beach, again,

And the stars, are still falling,

Like us, flying …

Like the stars, and then falling …

Now you write again, but its over, its past …

A falling star, is going to die,

I`m, I am just dead …

You killed me,

Deciding we are stars …

Vincenzo Dei Leoni


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