Discrimination? Come on

I write, why not!

In English, sometimes!

Italiano? Why not?

German? Geht auch.

French? Come on …

Spanish? Un poco.

But normal, Italiano!

Scrivo, come penso!

Capita, in inglese,

capita, in tedesco,

cambio, mentre penso,

cambio, mentre scrivo.

Adesso! I try …

I try, to telling my life

I write, just to throw

Throw away, some stupid words

Throw away, some stupid things

Throw away, some black thoughts

I write here, just for me

Just for me, no one else

And I think `here, some trash for you …

Storys from a guy, that nobody knows

You are just loosing time,

During my words …

Sometimes, I only hurts

Writing about girls,

Writing about friends,

Writing about me,

And my hole fucking life …

Sometimes its nice,

Sometimes a damn hole

Sometimes someone cry

And sometimes someone scream


And I say “Come on …”

Discrimination, you didn`t know!

You didn’t know,

And you will never do,

With who you are talking,

You never know …

Sometimes happens,

That people don’t speak your language,

Sometimes happens,

that you see black guys in germany

And sometimes happens,

that I make a video with your wife

and send a video per mail to them …

Damn, I only write!

Scrivo soltanto!

Non per te, che sei italiano!

Per chi mi legge,

E a chi non ha niente da fare …

I write,

Giusto per dire!

Giusto per scrivere …

Per me, no one else!

No else? No one else!

In inglese?


Non lo capisci?

Cazzi tuoi!

Chiedi a google,

O leggi una enciclopedia …

Scrivo per donne?

Eeeehm what???

Non hai letto cosa ho scritto?

Scroll down …

Chiedi a google mister,

und halts maul …

Come se leggi un libro,

Don`t ask …

Su internet, why not …


è scritto!


thank you …

Vincenzo Dei Leoni


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