Ohhh old life

Nearly, bye bye

Nearly, the same

Nearly another life

Like always, alone

Skyline, Appartments

Cars and trading

Like a King,

But always alone.

One thing is changed,

Now im alone alone …

In the past,

There was always a girl

At my home …

Not in the apartments,

She stay at home …

She didn’t know,

She didn’t know.

From all this things,

She never know …

Old life, ohh old life …

Money, money, money,

Apartments, cars and partys,

But no girls, because I had one at home …

Im stupid, I know!

But now, yes now …

There is no one waiting,

No one to call …

No one to telling,

About my day, my working,

Or stupid people,

walking always straight to me

No one cares,

What you have done

No one cares,

If you are alone

Alone, yes alone!

My life, I love it …

Appartment, and cars …

Ladys, are welcome,

But not invited, to stay …

Asshole, yes asshole.

Perhaps that’s why

Im alone …

Like my old life,

Old life, old life …

Oohhhh old life …

Nearly the same,

But legal …

Legal? Legal?

More or less,

Nearly, not equal …

Vincenzo Dei Leoni


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