Take a decision

Hey God, what’s your problem? What do you want?

Hey Mister, i traveled very far to come home, God, I traveled a lot,i think in company but I was alone. I remember the day when you left me … when you stopped talking, watching to me, and now I ask you, again, what’s your Problem? What you want?

I fight for my life, fighting alone. Fighting for the entire street down, I only want to go home. Nobody wants, my mom not, my dad not, Lord, even you not but I give a fuck, I’m alone, you left me, I go Home.

What the hell is your problem? What do you want? Yes I’m a traveler but one thing you forgot, I’m Son of the Sun with a lot of fire closed in my heart. Thank you for the present at third day after I arrived at home. Keep continue, so I came up there and burning everything down. A fire in heaven, all Stars exploding, even the devil came to my Party.

So, Hey God, remember, I’m son of the sun.

Hey God, stay by my side or left me alone, but please don’t let me fight, fight again. Not versus You, I don’t want, so take a decision or one of us has to run …

Vincenzo Dei Leoni


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